Homeinex, a Central Massachusetts home inspection service, has been inspecting homes in the Worcester, MA and Hartford, CT areas, and everywhere in between since 1985.  Homeinex offers a completely unbiased approach to our home inspection services.   You can feel confident in your choice to work with Homeinex, because we’ve inspected over sixteen thousand homes for both buyers in most and even some sellers who want the extra confidence that goes with our inspection services.  Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest projects you’ll encounter - it’s a lot of work and stress. You deserve to feel assured that you have a competent inspector working for you and looking our for your best interests.

Homeinex is not affiliated with any Real Estate Agencies or Contractors.  Because of this, we give you a unbiased analysis of the property you are interested in buying or selling.  Homeinex offers prompt service, competitive pricing, volume discounts and our exclusive Life Time Consulting Service on our inspection services, where if at any time you have a question or concern we will address the problem free of charge to you.

At the completion of the home inspection you will receive a ten page report addressing more than one hundred and thirty items. When you choose Homeinex to be your home inspector specialist, you will not be disappointed.  Remember, we serve the Massachusetts and Connecticut communities, and we are more than happy to drive to your home to inspect your home and give you the report you’re looking for.

We are here to put “The home buying worries to rest.”

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Homes Newer than 5-Years-Old or Condos—$290  -   Homes More than 5-Years-Old—$315

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Title V Inspections

We offer prompt service, competitive pricing, volume discounts, and our exclusive lifetime consulting service on all Title V (Title Five, or Title 5) inspections.  We are able to perform your Title V inspection with or without digging.

Please call us toll free if you need more information or would like to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have concerning our home inspector/inspection services.

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